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Five on Friday Influencer Marketing News Week of October 6, 2023

Inside the Click

Inside the Click cuts through the noise by giving you un-biased data driven insights into the creator economy. Weekly news and analysis on the creator economy are just a click away.

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Five on Friday is your weekly news recap of what you should know is happening in the Creator Economy. Five on Friday episodes available wherever you listen to podcasts.

  1. Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz who writes about social influence on the internet released her book  EXTREMELY ONLINE: The Untold Story of Fame, Influence, and Power on the Internet. The book reveals everything “behind the gram” that has gone on in the influencer space as it has evolved over the last decade. You can read an expert on how the Instagram influencer ‘floodgates’ really opened with a backfiring FTC crackdown over on 
  2. LTK hosted its annual invite only conference in Dallas, TX. Each year, LTK uses this time for creators to be celebrated, connect with brands and to announce new product releases and the upcoming vision for the platform. This year, LTK unveiled the Marketplace which is a hub within the platform where creators can submit proposals for gifting and monetary opportunities. They also announced a comment section in the LTK app so that your followers can engage with you not just on social but within the LTK shopping app itself.
  3. YouTube announced that it will give healthcare content creators new opportunities to educate diverse audiences. It’s called the IQ Creator program and is an expansion of The IQ which was released last year. The goal is to tackle health quite through information quality. Around 50 health content creators will be selected and will receive guidance from YouTube specialists and a $10000 investment to make and release health education videos that target underserved audiences.
  4. Snapchat has begun testing Sponsored Links in ‘My AI’ Chatbot Responses. the process will essentially match keywords to relevant promotions within My AI responses. For example, a query that includes the term “haircare” might trigger product a promotion for such in the chat stream. Snap says that over 150 million people have submitted over 10 billion messages to My AI, making it one of the most widely used consumer chatbots available. From the examples Snap has given, it sounds like this is going to be tested out with beauty brands first.
  5. Marketing Brew released their findings from conversations with True Religion and Chipotle on how they’re diversifying their influencer marketing strategies. Brands are going beyond working with creators just on social media and are incorporating creator content in their email marketing strategies. While True Religion is sending out emails with influencer round-ups, chipotle is going beyond social media by incorporating influencer marketing into their tv campaigns. 

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Inside the Click cuts through the noise by giving you un-biased data driven insights into the creator economy. Weekly news and analysis on the creator economy are just a click away.

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